Tuesday, September 1, 2009

rachel zoe - qvc

happy birthday to rachel zoe today...
seriously, on her twitter she said it was her 28th bday - was she being serious or was this a joke? i've heard the reports from miss perez hilton about her claiming to be way younger than she is...so is she REALLY claiming to be 28...SURELY not...right!??
anyway - regardless of what age she claims to be...i can't wait for her to be on qvc!
i die.


  1. happy birthday to her!
    she's great:)
    don't care about her age

  2. ah. love her show. and the booties on my page- ah. theyre so so divine,fine.- like an fancy old wine..

  3. I die, this is bananas.
    Brad is the real star of the rachel zo' project for me. i <3 his glasses sooo much!
    xx SOS-er fi